Monday, July 8, 2013

The New Age, June 26 1913

If you'd like to read some really curdling racist logic, read Sevota's "White Pre-Eminence in South Africa."  If you're into that.  Thesis: Abraham Lincoln would not support expanding the freedom of black South Africans because he was reasonable.  Bleh!  The sort of turd one has to mention in one's blog, because these things shouldn't be passed over lightly, should they? 

On a more lighthearted note, this issue of The New Age contains reviews of several of the other magazines I've been reading!  Now I get to write a little review of a little review reviewing little reviews.  Sorry. 

I continue to want to read The English Review, which is only partially digitized (and not 1913), and they are the only magazine that doesn't get panned: they are praised for their work debunking the white slave traffic. 

The Blue Review, aka Rhythm, is accused of publishing "incompetent" rather than "impertinent" poetry. 

Poetry gets panned, and to be fair, the last issue was pretty bad (notice that I didn't say much about the poetry in it): "'Poetry' is as unsurprisingly amateur as any journal of the kind in England" (237).  Tagore takes more flack--no mention of Pound or the Imagists. 

The New Freewoman also panned, with the (obvious?) exception of Rebecca West's essay (see above).  Still, there's plenty of "ouch!": "There is a great deal of cackle, but mostly lively cackle--which is saying much since the articles are anything from one to five paragraphs too long." 

I'm still waiting for some interesting literature to reappear in The New Age, and may have to wait until Hastings returns from her summer vacation.  I miss her like I miss John Stewart. 

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