Sunday, March 30, 2014

Poetry, March 1914

It's that end-of-the-month crunch to get these written before my next set of periodicals arrives. I've been shying away from Poetry lately, as I've been really into The Egoist. I'll just make a few notes here, perhaps someday to return.

The main items of interest:

Carl Sandburg's Chicago Poems, the famously-anthologized, appear here, and hold up remarkably well. Compare to Williams' poems in The Egoist of this month, there are many similarities that I might come back and hound down someday.

Amy Lowell contributes an essay on genre: the distinction between vers libre and rhythmic prose. Her thesis is that poetry always returns to itself, primarily rhythmically but it is the return (or "curve") that makes poetry poetry. I understand this as meaning: poetry is self-aware and self-shaped, as elements correspond to other elements. It's a nice definition.

Just skipping my stone on the surface--

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